Raina street, Jurmala

Guest house reconstruction project

Project aim: The client approached 3D AD with a request to restore his grandfather's hand-built family house in Jurmala. As part of the renovation of the building, it was not only necessary to restore the building to its former glory, but also to expand the living space by building a mansard floor.

Work done: As part of the project, architectural and interior design solutions were developed, where it was important for every detail to connect the modern with the historical, highlighting the contours of the historical building, using modern materials and solutions. The list of technical solutions also included constructive solutions for roof reconstruction and water/sewer connection to central city networks.

Final result: The result of the building reconstruction is visually inconspicuous, because the contours of the historical building were not changed, but as a result of the reconstruction, the living area was improved aesthetically and ergonomically, by building an additional bedroom and a large recreation room on the attic floor. On the ground floor, two bedrooms were built, a living room combined with a kitchen, the bathroom was expanded by combining three small spaces into one and a spacious hall with stairs to the attic floor. See interior solutions in the interior section.

This project includes interior design. See more HERE.