Often during the consultations with our clients, we get asked similar questions for similar problems. So we have gathered the most frequently asked questions in one spot so that you can get some answers and clarity before we have begun adiscussion about your project.

  • What does the letters "3D AD" mean?

3D (three--dimensional) - Architecture Design - Everything is done in 3D, which helps our clients to better understand the end result, before they've spent their money & resources to build it.

  • Do I need a design project and why?

Depends on local laws, but in most cases - yes, you need a design project. Why is this necessary can be seen this way - although in life the builder or you know how to ensure that the building is safe and well-constructed, it does not mean that the builder can ensure the structure comply with the local laws & regulations (e.g., fire protection or local government building rules, etc). Therefore, in most cases, in order to be able to carry out construction activities, a building permit is necessary (there are exceptions to this, but it depends on local authority guidlines). If a permit is required but the works are carried out without one, the building will not be legal, and you wont be able to handover it to use. If such action is detected by the local building authority, you may be fined or even required to demolish the building, if it violates the regulatory requirements. With the design project you certify that the building is planned in conformity with the laws & regulations, and is entitled to receive a building permit.

  • What is included in the design project and how much does it cost?

Both the price and the composition of the design project depend on the scope of the project. For more information, read the ''Pricing'' section of our homepage, and contact us for further clarification.

  • I bought a module-design project, is there anything else I need to get a building permit?

It all depends on how detailed is the purchased project, and what the local authority requires for a building permit. A detailed technical design project is usually necessary for it to be approved by the building authority and to obtain a building permit. The building authority has specific requirements for the approval of the design project, which includes architectural solutions, energy performance certificated, topography, geology, building solutions and (depending on the situation) solutions for external utilities, as well as appropriate specialists that will certify the project in the local building authority, that the project complies with the local laws and regulations. If all of these parts are covered by the design project you purchased, it is very likely that you do not need anything more. However, its best to check what else you need before you make the payment.

  • Can you help us legalize what we have already built without a permit?

Yes, we can, but only parts that comply with local laws and regulations. If some parts of the building work don't comply with regulations, some reconstruction work will be required in order to change the building so that it complies with the law. But in order for us to be able to comment any further, we would need a personal discussion about your project specifically.

  • Is it a problem that the design project is based or comes from abroad? 

There are no problems, only solutions! We are able to adapt the design projects to the local regulations, regardless of where the project is from and where it's going to be built. We have done both - designed for abroad and adapted the foreign designs to suit local regulations. But in order for us to be able to comment any further, we would need a personal discussion about your project specifically.

  • Can I build without a design project? Or design the project whilst doing building work?

Most likely no, but it depends on the local regulations. In the UK only internal refurbishment and small extensions are permitted without a building permit. However, in Latvia, the law states that any external works require a permit. Only exceptions are, internal renovation, window/door replacement and minor repair work. All other works need a building permit. The only way to obtain it is to have a design project. For more detailed information please contact us to discuss your project personally.

  • What services do you offer??

Architecture, interior design and all other design project related services, like structural design, internal and external utilities, sustainability, fire safety requirements, etc. The only thing we don't do, is - we don't physically build the building. For that you need a builder. But other than that - we will lead your design project from a sketch to a finished building.

  • Who exactly will work with my design project? 

Depending on the design complexity and specification, we will assess which of our specialists are moist suited to carry out the design. All work is overseen by our head architect, and you as a client can contact him at all times to discuss any problem you might have with the way the project is carried out. Our head architect takes part in all important meetings and reviews the work every week, to ensure there are no unresolved problems.

  • What will I gain by choosing your service?

You will gain high quality and professional team, that will ensure your needs are presented in a way where the building authority will grant you a building permit, where builder understands what to build and the building will meet our standards and your requirements. We provide full range of design project service - from the first sketch to the finished building.

  • What should I do, if I am not certain about what exactly do I want?

In such case, we invite you to have a consultation with us. It is understandable that construction is a big time and emotional investment for anyone. Therefor we are here to help you understand where to begin and what to expect from the process. After the consultation you will have a better understanding of your needs and possibilities.

  • How often are you visiting building site, while the design project is ongoing?

It depends on the project and client's requerments. We comply with the statutory requirements, but if there is a reason or a request to visit the building site more often, we shall organise it according to the situation and possibilities. Its worth noting that projects can be carried out without a site visit, if a client is happy with that, and can provide all necessary information.

  • How long does it take to get the building permit? 

From one month to a year or even longer. It all depends on what materials are used to build and how complicated is the project. The renovation of a simplified apartment takes approximately a month; buildings up to 60m2: 2-4 months; private house (new building, rebuilding, annex, auxiliary building): 4-8 months, anything larger: 8 months and more. But to say more, a personal meeting about your intentions would be necessary.

  • Do you require any advance payments?  

Yes. A design project development, even if we are working until the concept of the interior or the development of floor plan and facades, it requires work and investment from our side. It is important to us that you are prepared to be equally invested in this process as we are, so we believe it is fair to you and us, that part of the payment is made before we begin the work.

  • What institutions are involved in approving my design project?

Depending on the region where the building takes place. In rural areas it could be one or two institutions, meanwhile in the city centre it could be up to 30 different institutions. However, this question can be precisely answered only after the concept design and spatial coordination has been submitted to the building authority. We are not entitled to give such answer prior to the consultation with the council.

  • What will happen at our first meeting?

First meeting is there for both sides to get to know each other. We discuss your personal wishes, planned project scope, projects personal and legal aspects, the construction and design project budget, and many other aspects. From this conversation we can understand whether we are a good suite for what you want to build.