The prices below are an indicative to what various different types of projects would cos, so that you can get a general grasp of what does ir cost to hire tested, knowledgeable and professional team of design specialists. But, we'd like to emphasize that every building, situation and design task is different, and thus the prices can vary drastically. We'd need to get to know your specific situation in order to give a precise quote for your project requirements.  


[Conversation, during which we discuss scope of work, pricing and delivery timeline. Consultation is free whilst its via phone internet or in office. If we have to travel to meet you, then travel expenses apply]


Notice of construction - small construction works

[Simplified internal re-planning, that doesn't alter load-bearing structure / Construction projects up to 60m2 / Fence construction / Changing the use of a room group / Splitting or combining apartments without conversion / small extensions / etc]

From 600

Feasibility study

[Existing site analasys with potential development posibilities, including site constraints and opportunities, budget assessment and massing models]

From 2500€

Facade renewal project

[Facade renewal project price depends on the building size, complexity and historic value]

From 1700€

Technical design project

[Price given is for a small familiy house design. Your project price can vary greatly. This is an indication of the roundabout starting price for a new built house. This includes floor plans, roof plan, elevations, sections, master plans, engineering plans, structural detail drawings, material specifications, building detail drawings, as well as legislative work to get the project approved.]

From 9000€

Interior design

[The price depends on the complexity of the internal space. The interior project  includes room wall coverings, furniture, equipment specification, several visualizations, which are discussed in conversations with clients]

From 25€/m2

3D visualizations/ VR

[The price depends on the complexity of the room. The interior project includes room wall coverings, furniture, equipment specification, several visualizations, which are discussed in conversations with clients]

From 500€

Master planning 

[A development project that foresees a change in the land type of use or change of any other existing building restriction, that might apply to the site. For more information please contact us personally]

From 2500€

Non-standard architect/designer services

[If you want the help of an architect or designer, which is not part of a specifically defined service, we can offer our specialists for an hourly rate]

From 60€/h

If you'd like to find out the project cost for your project, contact us today, and we will put together a personalised quote

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