Shown prices are just an indication for the general types of projects and their costs, so that you could understand what to expect if you'd like to hire knowledgeable and tested specialists. But we would like to emphasize that every building and situatoin is unique, and we would have to get to know you and your plans a bit closer before we can give you a more accurate price quote for your needs.


[Conversation, during which we discuss scope of work, pricing and delivvery timeline]


Introduction and research

Get acquainted with the client and project scope

[dependent on scope of work]

From 600.00€

Feasibility study

From 600.00€

Notice of construction 

[Placement of modular buildings up to 60m2 / Construction projects up to 60 m2 

/ Fence constructionChanging the use of a room group /

Splitting or combining apartments without conversion, etc]

From 600.00€

Construction project (BP) 

[BP sevī iever stāvu plānus, jumta plānu, fasāžu rasējumus, 

griezums, savietotais tīklu ģenerālplāns, konstruktīvie mezgli 

/ detalizācija, 3D ēkas vizualizācija, projektējamie inženiertīkli, 

ārtelpas labiekārtojums, un ccitas lietas kas nepieiciešamas

projekta saskaņošanai vietējā būvvaldē]

From 8 000.00€

Interior design

The price depends on the complexity of the room [the interior project includes

room wall coverings, furniture, equipment specification, several visualizations,

which are discussed in conversations with clients]


3D visualizations / VR

[Price depends on whether an existing 2D or 3D model is available,

how many pictures do you want and in what quality]

From 600€

Local planning / Detail planning

Both documents relate to an existing property or property group

the development of a development project that foresees a change in the type of use or change of any other existing building restriction.

From 2500€

Non-standard architect/designer services

[If you want the help of an architect or designer, which is not part of a specifically defined service, we can offer our specialists for an hourly rate]


If you want to know the exact price of your project, contact us and we will let you know!

Please leave us your information and preferred days/times when you can be contacted, and we will contact you as soon as possible.