Raina street, Jurmala

Guest house interior

Project aim: The client approached 3D AD with a request to restore his grandfather's hand-built family house in Jurmala. It was necessary to redesign the premises and develop the interior design in all rooms of the building, making it functionally modern but preserving the touch of history, in a "sea" themed design, linking the interior to the owners great-grandfathers profession - sailor.

Work done: Within the project, interior design solutions were developed, where it was important for every detail to connect the modern with the historical, highlighting the contours of the historical building, using modern materials and solutions. Three separate bedrooms, two lounges, a kitchen area, a spacious bathroom and an multi-functional staircase were created, which were combined with the entrance hall.

End result: The interior was made bright to contrast with the earthy facade. Separate color schemes were created for the bedrooms so that each one has its own personality, but the furniture created a sense of unity with each other and the rest of the interior of the house. In the bathroom, tiles were chosen to represent life by the sea - in a dark blue mood.