Papelu street, Ikskile

Family house reconstruction

Project aim: The client approached 3D AD with the task of renovating his family house, which has served for the last 3 generations, serving as a summer residence, accommodating up to 12 people at a time. The client has several requirements for the project, but one main goal ran through them all - to make this building more modern, using its internal space more efficiently. Historically, the central part of the building has a large wide corridor that connects all the rooms, but it squeezed the other rooms, making them into small chambers. This must change.

Work done: The work was made difficult by the relatively complex configuration of the building and the awkward layout. Therefore, the work began with the study of the structures of the existing building, identifying what is easy to change and what is important structure that cannot be altered. After the research, we developed a strategy for the use of the building - we identified who will live in the building and what are the needs of each resident. The created use strategy made it possible to find the most suitable layout, allowing to sacrifice things that are unimportant to the owners and highlight those that are mandatory.

Final result: The created solution divides the use of the building by floors along with the families generations. Utilising the unique shape of the building, an apartment is located in the basement for the older generation. Apartment has an exit to the courtyard, allowing for easy access, separate living and at the same time easy connection with the common room on the first floor. On the first floor is the owner's residence, with a large office space, a spacious master bedroom, master bathroom and a large, comfortable combined kitchen and living room area. The second floor is handed over to the younger generation, providing 3 bedrooms and a common room where children can express themselves both individually and together, while not disturbing the parents living on the first floor. Part of the project was also to insulate the building and install new technological solutions that will increase the energy efficiency of the building, as well to replace all the windows. The grided windows helps to connect all the existing windows of different sizes in united style and makes the building more unified and traditional.

This project includes interior design. See more HERE.