Papelu street, Ikskile

Family home interior

Project aim: Until now, the house has always served as a summer house where several families get together, but now the owner wanted to turn it into a comfortable family home for her husband, three children and her mother to live full time. On the first floor of the building, we had to find a space for the grandmother's suite, which includes a bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchen area with a living room. As well as an entrance area to store outdoor clothes and shoes, a large lounge, a sauna room and an unheated storage room. The first and second floors are intended for the rest of the family, where the second floor would have the main living room with a kitchen, the parents' bedroom with a separate bathroom, an office space and a room to store household items such as a washing machine, vacuum cleaner, etc. The third floor would be for children's bedrooms.

Work done: Since most of the furniture in the project was already existing, solid wood furniture from the pre-WW2 period, it was necessary to successfully integrate all of them into the interior. However, to refresh the feel of the interior itself, the interior as a whole was designed with a little modern touch, using different wall coverings, built-in wardrobes and new kitchen equipment that would fit well with the interior. In the children's rooms, a modern interior was created that meets the wishes and needs within the framework of the favorite colors.

Final result: By creating different variants with layouts, combinations of materials and furniture selection, a functional, aesthetic and modernized interior for the family was created. In almost every room, one of the existing pieces of furniture, paintings or other works of art appear, which carry with them an ancient story. However, within the new interior, they will experience new experiences and create new stories and memories.