Foiniki (Φοινίκι), Greece

Reconstruction of a historical villa

Project aim: To develop a building conservation and reconstruction project, where the roof load bearing structure must be replaced, and interior re-planning should be carried out, adapting the building to modern life. The main task of the project is to design the refurbishment, so that the design is respectful to all that is historic, while everything new is designed in modern fashion, not imitating the historical. This makes a historical building modern, not masks what is new, but highlights the interaction of the old and the new.

Work done: The building has historically served as a mountain village building, where, according to traditional Greek traditions, animals lived on the lower floor, while the owner and his family lived on the upper floor. As part of the re-planning, both floors were connected with an internal staircase, and an extension was developed, which houses a modern bathroom. In addition, the outer part of the territory is designed with a traditional wooden veranda (tea house), making the entire property modern and functional, allowing the client to use the property for any occasion at any time of the year.

Final result: The condition of the building before the start of work was critical and in a state of emergency. The roof of the building had caved in and the building was on the verge of complete collapse. The developed project is an elegant solution that combines both Greek traditional architectural apprises and a modern approach to the needs of modern life. The project neither hides nor highlights historical details. It keeps the historic apprises visible and gives the property a second life with modern additions.