Gertrudes street, Riga

Reconstruction of a historic residential building

Project aim: To develop a building renovation project, which includes the internal layout of the premises being usefully redistributed, and the detailing of the historical facades of both buildings being highlighted. As part of the project, the re-planned premises will be rebuilt into modern high-class apartments. The former owner of the building painted both buildings in a uniform tone, masking the beauty of the building and combining the two building volumes into a single block. This was to be highlighted and used as an oportunity to make both buidligns stand as one..

Work done: Due to the poor technical condition of the building, many structural elements of the building have to be rebuilt. This opened up the potential for a creative and efficient internal redesign of the building. Including the conversion of the unused attic floor into useful apartments, as well as the reconstruction of the basement floor covering, opening new areas for the construction of two-story apartments. At the same time, the dimensions of the building and the arrangement of the load-bearing elements make it possible to place individual and unique apartments for everyone's taste. Though there are actually two buildings, we needed to find a way to bring to them together, which we achieved by maintaining the uniform colour, as well as redesigning the roof line, that unifies both building volumes.

Final result: The project foresees the creation of 16 new apartments, of which 3 are two-story, and 4 large-area attic apartments. The facades of the building will be renewed by unifying the architecture of the two individual buildings, making it more substantial in the street-scape, regardless of its relatively small size. Rebuilt roof using classic skylight constructions, giving utility to the mansard floor and classic elegance to the roof.