Terezes street, Riga

A complex of apartment buildings

Project aim: To develop a reconstruction project of an existing building complex, increasing the area of useful space, and to give the yard a new, functional and elegant use. There are four buildings located on the existing plot of land, all of which must be adapted to a residential or related function.

Work done: The building with the main facade facing the street was re-planned by rebuilding the roof, therefor the total area of the building was increased. The multi-storey building of the courtyard has been re-planned, placing 11 apartments in it, while the existing garage building has been re-planned as an open-type parking lot, and a shared communal area has been placed on the 2nd level, using the roof area of the garage building, raising the courtyard closer to the sunlight, and separating the recreation area from the courtyard traffic.

The end result: What makes the multi-apartment redevelopment project unique is the existing construction of the garage building, which ties the entire complex into a single and functional accommodation area for young families, close to the city center, as well as next to the main highways leading out of the city.