Meija road, Jelgava

New apartment building

Project aim: To develop a compact and ergonomic three-story multi-apartment building, which would be economical in terms of area, construction costs, and operating costs, while at the same time offering an elegant and modern building design.

Work done: At the client's request, 3D AD developed the visual and planning concept of the project, which could be used to appeal to both potential investors and possible future owners, for the further development of the project. Visual material was developed, which shows both the external image of the building and explains its possible internal layout.

Final result: The customer's wish was fulfilled by achieving both the desired visually modern building form and an economical and ergonomic solution. As one of the main advantages, the project concept also includes an open plan with a central staircase. Such a layout allows great freedom in re-planning, dividing and expanding the building, giving greater freedom of choice to all parties involved, providing the best final option.