Breksi, Pinki 

1 minute clinic

Project aim: The concept of the client's company is to offer fast and high-quality medical services without long registrations or standing in line, providing the service 'within one minute'. The same approach was used in the design and construction of the building. The task was to design a modular building that can be assembled at the factory and ready to be delivered to the site, while at the same time developing the design of the building in such a way that it would be recognizable and modularly copied in other sites for further business development.

Work done: The project was developed by creating several concept designs. Among the solutions, the materials used for construction were also considered, so that they are architecturally high-quality, easily accessible, adaptable and changeable, if necessary.

End result: The chosen solution includes a vertical wood finish on an insulated wooden frame building. The vertical facade finish is designed in such a way that the water drains easily and does not cause damage to the façade. Also with the dynamic pattern of the facade, a recognizable and eye catching building is achieved.