Upeslejas, Talsi

Living room, kitchen and bathroom interior

Project aim: The home owner wanted us to design the interior of his family home, as the building works were being done. The interior had to be created for a kitchen area combined with a dining room, a living room, two bathrooms and a master bedroom. It was important to include some existing furniture that has a sentimental meaning to the family, but to keep the overall interior modern, mostly light colored with the presence of wood material in it.

Work done: Several interior solutions were developed, with the main emphasis on the kitchen, dining room and living room areas, as they will be used the most during the day. In the kitchen area, a large kitchen island with a bar function was created, intended for it to be used the most in the mornings when time is of the essence. The large dining table would serve as a family meeting point for dinner, so that the whole family could comfortably sit down, and if necessary, add extra chairs to the table for a larger social gatherings. In the living room, the biggest accent is placed on a comfortable, spacious sofa with ample free space around it, and a large fireplace as the central object of the room. The interior of the rest of the rooms were matched to the rooms we designed, creating a darker Scandinavian style in the bathrooms, and continuing this color scheme in the bedroom with a sense of coziness.

End result: Overall, all the rooms interacted perfectly with each other and create a pleasant and cozy atmosphere where the whole family could spend quality time together. A lot of thought was given to the fabric of the shared upholstered furniture, so that it is easy to keep it free from dog's hair and the possible future mischief of small children.