Sipeles street, Marupe

Family home interior

Project aim: When designing the interior, three main things were important to the client - enjoying coffee in the morning sunrise on the balcony, exposed wooden roof structures in the main living room combined with the kitchen, and a bright, natural light-filled living space throughout the day. In total the first floor of the building had to have a living space combined with a kitchen, a wide hallway with a stylistic staircase solution, a walk-in closet, a bathroom, a technical room, a gym and a TV room. The second floor of the building is intended for bedrooms and bathrooms.

Work done: Various options were created for the initial room layout, color combinations and furniture to create a cozy and warm environment. Since the exposed roof and supporting structures are made of wood, this wood motif was also used in various surfaces and finishing materials. The rooms were designed in a light color to visually expand the rooms and give them an additional space for light to spread.

End result: The main focus is on the living room combined with the dining area and the kitchen, opening a remarkable view of the roof's wooden structures, which were used to evenly distribute the light fixtures throughout the room. In the corridor, a modern staircase solution was created with metal railings that extended up to the ceiling, and a light object was placed in the middle of them, which not only provides light, but also visually accentuates the shape of the stairs. The rooms on the 1st floor also have partially exposed roof structures, which gives a sense of unity with the ground floor of the building. Sloped ceilings give the room more dynamics, and skylights provide more lighting during daylight hours.