Priezu street, Ozolnieki

Bathroom and open space kitchen, dining and living room interior

Project aim: The current owner inherited a family house from his father, which he wanted to restore and pass on to his son and his family for living. The building was renovated from top to bottom, but the biggest problem was the arrangement of the unusual living space and the small bathroom. The 3D-AD team was brought in to develop interior design solutions for these two spaces.

Work done: In a short period of time, several options were created for both rooms, until we achieved a satisfying plan for the client. The biggest problems were caused by the living room, because in order to anticipate all the client's wishes in it, it was always necessary to sacrifice space at the expense of other wishes.

End result: The plans of both rooms were successfully executed. The combined living space with the kitchen was successfully divided into zones, separating it with a decorative partition element, freeing up enough space for a spacious dining area and kitchen. The small bathroom space was used as ergonomically as possible, allowing a large shower room to be built in and providing free access to other elements. The use of different tiles not only separates the zones of the space, but also creates interesting dynamics in the relatively small space.