Mazrijnieki, Limbazu district

Living room and kitchen interior

Project aim: During the renovation of the house the client and her husband encountered with a problem in the kitchen and the living room area. There was no clear vision of what would fit and be functional in this space. The color range for the kitchen and the approximate layout of the kitchen were known, but there was a desire to complement it with a narrow kitchen island and a larger existing dining table. The only clear requirement from the client was that the living area needed soft furniture, a TV and a coffee table. Everything else was for us to figure out.

Work done: As the kitchen area had to accommodate the existing solid wood table and island, but in such a way that it would not create a cramped atmosphere, an option was proposed in which the kitchen island turns into a multi-functional piece of furniture by adding a seating area to it on the other side. Continuing the French country style, light furniture was chosen for the living area, which complements the interior of the emerald green kitchen, and at the same time separates the zones with different lighting options and an individually designed volume of the cabinet section on which to place the TV.

End result: Various elements have been chosen in the room that unite the room, because it is an open-type room - cover beams, emerald green color, light upholstered furniture, and high ceilings. However, each of the areas of the room also clearly shows the division, choosing more practical, easier to clean lighting and blinds in one part of the room, but choosing braided, hanging lighting and long curtains on the other side of the room. In general, the room creates a harmonious atmosphere and does not create a feeling of tightness.