Gudeli, Marupe

Family home interior

Project aim: The client approached 3D AD with the desire to develop an interior solution for a newly built residential building project for a kitchen, a living room combined with a dining room, two bathrooms and one toilet room. In the desired interior, one of the main requirements was to include an emerald green wall in the living room, but in such a way that it does not overwhelm the room and works as the main accent wall. The overall interior should be modern, the surfaces easy to clean and the layout ergonomic.

Work done: Within the project, several variants of the room layout were created, where the emerald green wall is on both one and the other side of the room. Various variants of the kitchen layout while maintaining the ergonomic layout of the kitchen triangle (sink, stove, refrigerator). As well as, detailed drawings of wall layout and furniture were created for each of the rooms.

End result: The main accent wall in the living room was an emerald green accent wall, complemented by light cream furniture that worked as a light contrast to the accent wall. The dining room was created by combining the elegance of the living room and the practicality of the kitchen, effectively combining these spaces of different functions. Bathrooms and toilets were adapted to the modern interior by combining various wood and imitation wood accents and coordinated plumbing elements.