Rigas street, Jelgava

Children bedroom interior

Project aim: The customer wanted to create an interior for his one-year-old daughter's bedroom. Despite the fact that the girl was only one year old, it was necessary to create an interior that would serve not only for the first year or two, but would be an investment for the next 10 years. What was important was a large closet for belongings and clothes, a bed for when she grows up and a desk with a chair for doing schoolwork.

Work done: As part of the project, the walls, ceiling, floor and lighting of the room had already been done, so the rest of the interior had to be adapted to the existing decoration. Some of the interior objects were procured from the manufacturers' offer, but the large built-in wardrobe was individually designed.

End result: An individually designed built-in wardrobe with an open shelf system, drawers and opening doors became the main accent of the room. The rest of the furniture was already selected from the manufacturer, which was adapted to the designed wardrobe and the overall interior. In order to liven up the already white walls with low budget, some of the walls are decorated with large-sized floral motifs, but elsewhere colorful strings of flags. In general, creating a very warm, cozy and pleasant atmosphere in which the child can express himself creatively. The project has been created in real life.