Brivibas street, Riga

Apartment interior

Project aim: The owner of the apartment chose to work with 3D AD in order to develop a overall unified solution for his apartment that matches its function. This apartment is intended for short-term rental purposes, so it had to be made eye-catching enough and at the same time cozy enough to create a pleasant atmosphere. The owner wanted to feel the real feeling of the apartment through interior visualizations, as the current situation could not create a clear vision of what would look best in this space. A large wardrobe was needed in the bedroom and a kitchen island with a counter function would be planned instead of a table in the kitchen.

Work done: Several interior solutions were developed, with the main focus on the living space. Its biggest drawback is the fact that there is only one, relatively small window to the entire large spacious room. In this case, the project solution tried to turn the defect into an effect, making the living space closed and bright enough with lighting elements hidden in all surfaces. Thus, the room is made cozy at any time of the day, even if there is not much sunlight available.

End result: This apartment was designed in a slightly darker Scandinavian style with black accent walls and facades. With the right type and amount of lighting, a room can turn from dark and gloomy to bright and cozy. The black wall of the bedroom was complemented by lighting and wooden slatted elements that formed the mountain terrain and created grandeur for the bedroom. The main room of the apartment itself, or the combined living room with the kitchen and the corridor, radiates a pleasant and cozy atmosphere. Here too, wood and black color dominated, but again in a different perspective.