New built family house

Project aim: To design a family's dream house in the hillside area of Sigulda. The building is planned to be located at the top of the hill, overlooking the forested slopes. A family home should be able to comfortably accommodate three generations and provide some of the client's work needs. In addition, client's wish was to have an orangery room with western light, and improving landscaping, connecting the building with a sauna on the shore of the pond.

Work done: The requirements defined by the client were very general, so during the development of the project, several options were developed, from 250 m2 to 450 m2 layouts, in search of the ideal solution that would be able to benefit both the client's wishes and the budget.

The end result: The developed solution is a classic gable type roof building solution that sits like a black jewel on top of a hill. It was decided to include the orangery as part of the building's courtyard connection between indoor and outdoor space. The house is connected through the courtyard to a small sauna house that sits at the side of a pond, linking the site in a single unified design.