Lacuplesa street, Riga

Apartment renovation and roof terrace construction

Project aim: The roof of the two-story attic apartment owned by the client, regularly leaked during the rain. In order to solve the problem, the 3D AD office was approached to develop not only a roof restoration project, but also a roof reconstruction, incorporating a roof terrace. In the words of the owner - if it's done, then it's done properly.

Work done: The execution of the project was difficult not only by its special non-standard solution, but also by the fact that the building is located within the boundaries of the historical center of Riga. We created and modified the project as many times as possible, discussing it repeatedly both with the commissions of the building authority, with the preservation and development council of the historical center of Riga, and with experts, until we reached a solution acceptable to all parties.

Final result: The project eventually included the extension of the 2nd floor of the apartment towards the yard, creating a convenient glazed wall that can be opened to create a large combined space throughout the 2nd floor level.