Plavu street, Liepaja

Apartment interior

Project aim: The customer approached 3D-AD with a desire to redo the apartment planning and make it comfortable, elegant and focused on the short-term rental market, as well as his family's ''cottage'' apartment, where to escape daily routine.

Work done: Two designs were developed and offered, both designed in an open space style, combining the living space, dining area, and kitchen. The main materials included wood with a mix of black, white and beige tones. The basic texture was selected in the form of a hexagon, which was intersected in the tiles and wall painting.

End result: The interior was designed in Scandinavian style because it is capable of being minimalist enough, creating a pleasant atmosphere for any entrant and a desire to stay in it, as this apartment will be partly used for renting. As part of the project, both the apartment interior project and to approve the project in city council.