Selgas street, Kolka 

Bathroom interior

Project aim: This is a special project, that was created without the knowledge of its owner - it was his birthday present. The owner of the project had a couple of ideas that he had expressed to family members and wanted to implement in his future bathroom, but the overall picture was not yet clear, which made the construction of the bathroom unusually drawn out and long. Then the relatives decided to give a surprise by inviting an interior designer to collect all the owner's ideas and show them how they would look if they were created, giving the owner more confidence in his wishes.

Work done: Since the black wall tiles were already chosen by the customer, the rest of the interior had to be matched to them. To create a cozy feeling, a wooden sink cabinet was individually created together with a mirror and its frame which had built-in LED lights. To top it off, imitation wood tiles were used on the shelves of the shower cabin and above the bathtub, which were also accented with LED lighting. The white sanitary ware creating a sense of unity and elegance in the room, but in order to not create too much contrast, the gray floor tiles created a perfect harmony.

End result: The shared bathroom creates a sense of coziness, despite the fact that black color seems dark, it gives a sens if elegance, as well as it can also be inviting and cosy, and even light, when such tiles are combined together with appropriate colors, shades materials and lighting.